Rules for character creation:
Everyone is 2nd level using only those races available in the Forgotten Realms book.
No evil (or normally evil) races/characters allowed, but any neutral is allowed.
Stats are normal 4d6 6 times, 3 sets, take the best (unless you don’t have a total of a +2 modifier, or nothing reaching at least a 14, and need to reroll a set…cough, John, hrm, hrmmm, hack).
Two levels of hitpoints are max. You will start rolling hitpoints at 3rd level.
Starting gold is 950.
Standard classes only (for now, though feel free to start aligning your character for prestige classes if you like)
You will need to pick a starting region, and a gear package (a, b, OR c) from the regions pages of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. As we discussed tonight, you get common, racial, and regional languages for free.
Your character needs a reason to be heading toward Neverwinter from the southeast.

The “Items” tab will be utilized to list any plot items you are given (permanently or not).

Adventure log will be updated at the end of each adventure, or adventure section if it is a multi-level adventure. Please look for the number at the beginning of each entry to ensure you are reading the most recent update. It puts them in order of what day I added the entry, not necessarily in order of when those events happen.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

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