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09 Caravan
Caravan day 19

Your final approach to Neverwinter is under clear skies and good weather. Just outside the city, you see something flying across the sky, to the southeast. It looks like one of the Rast creatures. It is carrying something that it drops just before flying away, out of sight. When you go see what it dropped, you find a halfling druid and several arrow scattered around. The arrow shafts have been painted white, with two yellow rings just above the head. They have grey goose feathers for the fletching.

When you revive the halfling, Deremin Tellthaw, he tells you a wild tale of how he was kidnapped: His circle had gone to one of the caves they use for bad weather. As he was drifting off, he heard snarling and noticed that all the druids were dogs, and were being put into sacks by 3 ogres. He was the last to be picked up, and didn’t realize he was a dog too until then. He doesn’t know how long he was in the sack, but suspects several days. They were only taken out of the sacks once per “day”. It was always complete dark…probably magical, and they were always on leashes. One time, his guard tripped and he was able to run away. He took an arrow to the back leg which somehow triggered his return to halfling shape. Deremin thinks they let him escape so they could follow him. He didn’t know where he was, so he began slowly heading toward the nearest city when he was picked up by that creature. The fright made him faint, so he doesn’t remember anything about the Rast being attacked.

08 Vampire stories
Caravan days 19-20

Late morning of the next day, you begin seeing farmsteads dotted about, as expected. What is not expected is the complete lack of people…no workers can be seen anywhere, and a few farms are showing signs of weeds coming in. You spot vultures circling a pair of legs sticking out from behind one of the barns closest to the road. Upon investigation, you are attacked by wolves. They are quickly dispatched.

All the fences are lined with garlic. You encounter several undead pigs while following the carnage path to a grain silo of some sort. (My notes on exactly what happened here are sparse.) Not all the dead creatures you encounter have been raised…most are still dead and completely drained of blood. You eventually track two rasts to the top of the silo and kill at least one (I don’t remember if the second one escaped or not). After the rasts are gone, a dwarf…Knirval Skullstone attacks, but he obviously wasn’t expecting such a well armed and prepared group. He is easily taken down. (What did you do with him? Kill, or revive and question?) His armor had the same imprint as the gargoyle.

07 Caravan
Caravan days 18

After leaving Newkeep, it should only be about 3 days to Neverwinter. Near dusk of the first day, you are attacked by a gargoyle. Once the creature is killed, a search of its body reveals a very strange and unique pattern carved into its back between the wings. It looks like a compass rose with a very stylized spiral pattern (maybe an intricate S?) overlayed.

You make it to a small roadside inn that is absolutely packed with what appear to be farmers. They are all wearing either necklaces of garlic, or roughly made flowers on a wheat backing (Chauntea). They share concerns about travelers on the road. Apparently caravans have not been making it south from Neverwinter…or if they do, the caravans are very late. A few of the farmers think that vampires are responsible. They have had to burn down some of their own farm houses becauses they were afraid that after the attacks, more vampires would rise from the bitten creatures.

06 Bridge rebuilding
Caravan days 14-17

You decide to help out with the reconstruction of the bridge in order to speed your passage north. During this time, the rest of the caravan is finally able to catch back up. You are able to rest and enjoy yourselves a bit, but this is a very small community and does not have much in the way of supplies that are useful to you.

05 Newkeep
Caravan, day 12-13
You come to a small village about dusk and notice a rather large creature skulking about. It appears to be trying to get to a shrine of some sort, but your presence scares it off. You notice that the creature has 2 heads, one of which seems to be asleep. In the middle of the town is the “tavern” (tables and benches outside, with lanterns hung from the trees). Talking to the locals there, you realize that the town has been frequently under attack from some giant creature with two heads. The (supposedly) same creature has snuck into town at night and gone to the shrine, but always runs away if someone comes near. You also learn that the town recently had to move because of an evil wizard, Stondylus, who came in and started enslaving people. Shortly after the move, a group of adventurers came through and decided to try and help. They were never seen nor heard from again. About 6 months ago, just after the riddle showed up in the shrine, this creature started attacking. Most of the adult men have been killed trying to fight it off, and the bridge across the river has been broken, again.

You speak with some of the militia that is left; they are mostly hot-headed teenagers bent on revenge at this point. The matron of the town lets you stay in the keep. You devise a plan to wait until the ettin should be headed in to town and surprise it. A few orcs cross by on the other side of the ravine while Ithilior is watching the road. An ogre also comes by, chasing Ithilior, but you manage to kill it before it can get into town.

You head down the remains of the path to Oldkeep, escorted by the militia leader (Malwick), and find the ettin in the ruined tower. Eventually, you are able to to discern that he was once a human cleric, but was changed by the evil wizard into an ettin. Through a lengthy conversation, you are able to make him understand that he wasn’t really a very good cleric and that is why his god has denied him the ability to cast the necessary spell to return to his human shape. Meanwhile, Malwick has disappeared. You take the ettin into the ruined town to try and find the pieces of his holy symbol so that it can be repaired, Kyrnyn can repent, and then cast the spell to save himself. While you are searching for the holy symbol parts, Malwick returns with the rest of the town militia. They begin shooting at the ettin, which risks awakening Muck, the evil head. You render the militia unconscious, calm the ettin, and Kyrnyn is able to cure himself.

04 Caravan
Days 9-11

The cartwright from Bearden’s Hollow is escorted back to the broken wagon by the taylor, his son, and one gaurd. On the road, the rest of the group passes a tinker who has an extra horse. The horse is purchased with the money from Donovon, and is taken back by one guard. This leaves your section of the caravan as follows: 3 other guards, cleric Julia, cloth merchant + wife + 4 kids, tinker, brewer + wife, gnome wizard + 6 personal guards, performing troupe of 6.

About half a day or so past the tinker, you are attacked from the trees on the side of the road. Three Dryads are the culprits. You killed one, severely injured the second, but the third was too far away and traps your rogue, pulling her up into the tree. This Dryad negotiates a cease fire and relays the message that a wizard named Stondylus kidnapped the Druids from this small forest about 2 months ago. The Dryads are unable to keep the animals under control and were desperate for help. They attacked first because when they tried to talk first before, they were simply killed. You agree to keep your eyes out for a wizard and any gnomish druids.

03 Bearden's Hollow
Caravan, day 7-8

You awoke in the inn and were informed that the roads were washed out, so you could not continue north. You were offered free food in exchange for help in dealing with various repairs necessary around the townstead.
1) You went to the cranberry bog where Father Denethan was lining up the bodies that had washed up during the storm. Jaiman (farm owner) had been hit by something during the storm and had a nasty greenish black bruise that was oozing on his arm.
2) You continued to the Isendale estate where you met with Eural Dunaman, town council leader, and Haiman Gaith, town militia leader. They informed you that something had attacked the house’s outer gate during the night storm. The maid, Loriann, described the night as “Just like the one when the Isendale’s were abducted”. She told you that Lord Sethellen had donned his black dragon armor and told her to go ring the alarm bell; when she returned, the Sethellens were gone. Dunaman blamed lizard folk for the attack, or the swamp witch (though he could not say why she was bad, nor give any evidence to her actual existence).
3) You follow the tracks of the creature into the swamp. Shortly after entering the swamp, you came across a dead body lying at the base of a tree. It was a lizardfolk youth that had been quite nastily beaten to death. You also came across 2 living lizardfolk, 1 of which you killed, the other you let go. Further wanderings brought you under attack by a group of 6 monstrous crabs. You ate well that night!
4) Finally, you came across a large stone with a cave entrance, and a circle of small stones out front. An assassin vine caused a good deal of panic by nearly taking out a party member. After killing the vine, you spoke with Irewyn (Isendale) and learned that she and her husband had been dragged from their home, taken to the swamp, their throats had been slit and they’d been left for dead. Mention of her previous life sent Irewyn into a crazy-ness, but she did recover and finally give you some useful information. She told you the mummy was her husband, raised from the dead.
5) You continued south across the swamp until you came to the sunken entrance of the Old City ruins; the sign above the doorway proclaimed it “Bearden’s Hollow Town Hall”. There were mummy tracks heading in to the building. The floor was muddy, and dripping water had rotted much of the floor on the down slant. You all carefully went through a hole in the floor, caused by _________’s fall through the planks.
6) You lowered down into a large room with some more bodies floating around it and three doors leading off. The first door held mostly rusted weaponry. The second door held two dire weasels, which you dispensed. The last door went to a hallway, with the far end blocked by a mudslide. One side hall was also blocked. The opposite hallway went to several other store rooms. They mostly held moldy old blankets, tattered clothing, ruined food, etc. One room held a brown mold that you had to kill off, and another room held several barrels of oil.
7) You climbed back up and managed to make it around the rest of the rotten floor and into the upper hallway. The hallway was full of mud, making movement VERY difficult and slow. You heard the tell-tale sound of giant insects crawling around. Upon turning the corner, you found yourself facing 2 scorpions (apparently very lost, sorry!) After a good bit of work, you managed to defeat them.
8) You went back out, to some nearby dry land, to sleep. During last watch, you heard the sound of the water in the swamp, as if something were slowly wading through it. Nothing ever came near you though.
9) You went back into the ruins and found a secret door with some treasure, and a library where it became obvious the mummy had been sleeping there. You also found some books that would help identify the bodies that had washed up in the storm.
10) Leaving the ruins, you tracked the mummy on the “trail” back to the town. Unfortunately, Graven was hit by the mummy and suffered a case of mummy-rot. When you finally re-killed the mummy, you noticed it was wearing part of the black-dragon armor that Sethellen was supposed to have been wearing the night he dissappeared.
11) You took the armor and books back to the priest as proof of what you’d found. You were attacked by Gaith and 3 of his mercenary followers. Dunamen came out at the end, apparently quite distraught and confused. (I honestly can’t remember if you killed him, or just stunned him and left him with the priest). Gaith and his men were killed and the priest cured the mommy-rot.

02 Caravan, day 6

You returned from the house of cooking to find the caravan in disarray. Two carts were out of commission as one of them had a broken rear axle and wheels and the other had a dead horse. Part of the caravan was sent ahead to find a cart wright and a new horse. You were among those sent out.

As you were travelling north to the next town, some of the other caravan members take off to an unknown track. You follow them, to be greeted by a fierce storm. You are forced to take cover in the small town of “Bearden’s Hollow”.

01 Caravan, day 5

You joined/watched a sparring match among the caravan guards. You heard of some interesting people living a few hours off the road named Andolyn and Gendrew. When you got there, there was a “kitchen golem” gone mad. Gendrew was tied to the bed and unconcious after being tormented by an imp. In the basement/pantry there was a calzone golem gone berserk. You killed both the imp and the golem. Andolyn gave you a box of 6 potions and 5gp for taking care of the creatures. Gendrew invited you back for a meal sometime when his house hasn’t been destroyed.

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