Michelle's Game

05 Newkeep

Caravan, day 12-13

You come to a small village about dusk and notice a rather large creature skulking about. It appears to be trying to get to a shrine of some sort, but your presence scares it off. You notice that the creature has 2 heads, one of which seems to be asleep. In the middle of the town is the “tavern” (tables and benches outside, with lanterns hung from the trees). Talking to the locals there, you realize that the town has been frequently under attack from some giant creature with two heads. The (supposedly) same creature has snuck into town at night and gone to the shrine, but always runs away if someone comes near. You also learn that the town recently had to move because of an evil wizard, Stondylus, who came in and started enslaving people. Shortly after the move, a group of adventurers came through and decided to try and help. They were never seen nor heard from again. About 6 months ago, just after the riddle showed up in the shrine, this creature started attacking. Most of the adult men have been killed trying to fight it off, and the bridge across the river has been broken, again.

You speak with some of the militia that is left; they are mostly hot-headed teenagers bent on revenge at this point. The matron of the town lets you stay in the keep. You devise a plan to wait until the ettin should be headed in to town and surprise it. A few orcs cross by on the other side of the ravine while Ithilior is watching the road. An ogre also comes by, chasing Ithilior, but you manage to kill it before it can get into town.

You head down the remains of the path to Oldkeep, escorted by the militia leader (Malwick), and find the ettin in the ruined tower. Eventually, you are able to to discern that he was once a human cleric, but was changed by the evil wizard into an ettin. Through a lengthy conversation, you are able to make him understand that he wasn’t really a very good cleric and that is why his god has denied him the ability to cast the necessary spell to return to his human shape. Meanwhile, Malwick has disappeared. You take the ettin into the ruined town to try and find the pieces of his holy symbol so that it can be repaired, Kyrnyn can repent, and then cast the spell to save himself. While you are searching for the holy symbol parts, Malwick returns with the rest of the town militia. They begin shooting at the ettin, which risks awakening Muck, the evil head. You render the militia unconscious, calm the ettin, and Kyrnyn is able to cure himself.



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