Michelle's Game

04 Caravan

Days 9-11

The cartwright from Bearden’s Hollow is escorted back to the broken wagon by the taylor, his son, and one gaurd. On the road, the rest of the group passes a tinker who has an extra horse. The horse is purchased with the money from Donovon, and is taken back by one guard. This leaves your section of the caravan as follows: 3 other guards, cleric Julia, cloth merchant + wife + 4 kids, tinker, brewer + wife, gnome wizard + 6 personal guards, performing troupe of 6.

About half a day or so past the tinker, you are attacked from the trees on the side of the road. Three Dryads are the culprits. You killed one, severely injured the second, but the third was too far away and traps your rogue, pulling her up into the tree. This Dryad negotiates a cease fire and relays the message that a wizard named Stondylus kidnapped the Druids from this small forest about 2 months ago. The Dryads are unable to keep the animals under control and were desperate for help. They attacked first because when they tried to talk first before, they were simply killed. You agree to keep your eyes out for a wizard and any gnomish druids.



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