Michelle's Game

08 Vampire stories

Caravan days 19-20

Late morning of the next day, you begin seeing farmsteads dotted about, as expected. What is not expected is the complete lack of people…no workers can be seen anywhere, and a few farms are showing signs of weeds coming in. You spot vultures circling a pair of legs sticking out from behind one of the barns closest to the road. Upon investigation, you are attacked by wolves. They are quickly dispatched.

All the fences are lined with garlic. You encounter several undead pigs while following the carnage path to a grain silo of some sort. (My notes on exactly what happened here are sparse.) Not all the dead creatures you encounter have been raised…most are still dead and completely drained of blood. You eventually track two rasts to the top of the silo and kill at least one (I don’t remember if the second one escaped or not). After the rasts are gone, a dwarf…Knirval Skullstone attacks, but he obviously wasn’t expecting such a well armed and prepared group. He is easily taken down. (What did you do with him? Kill, or revive and question?) His armor had the same imprint as the gargoyle.



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