Michelle's Game

09 Caravan

Caravan day 19

Your final approach to Neverwinter is under clear skies and good weather. Just outside the city, you see something flying across the sky, to the southeast. It looks like one of the Rast creatures. It is carrying something that it drops just before flying away, out of sight. When you go see what it dropped, you find a halfling druid and several arrow scattered around. The arrow shafts have been painted white, with two yellow rings just above the head. They have grey goose feathers for the fletching.

When you revive the halfling, Deremin Tellthaw, he tells you a wild tale of how he was kidnapped: His circle had gone to one of the caves they use for bad weather. As he was drifting off, he heard snarling and noticed that all the druids were dogs, and were being put into sacks by 3 ogres. He was the last to be picked up, and didn’t realize he was a dog too until then. He doesn’t know how long he was in the sack, but suspects several days. They were only taken out of the sacks once per “day”. It was always complete dark…probably magical, and they were always on leashes. One time, his guard tripped and he was able to run away. He took an arrow to the back leg which somehow triggered his return to halfling shape. Deremin thinks they let him escape so they could follow him. He didn’t know where he was, so he began slowly heading toward the nearest city when he was picked up by that creature. The fright made him faint, so he doesn’t remember anything about the Rast being attacked.



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